Monday, February 23, 2009

Open Your Valve!

I'm posting this as a reminder of my journey into enlightenment.....

Force yourself to look for the well-being that is there, be it in government, the economy, trees, war, disasters, pestilence, localized massacres, relationships, or even TV.
Look for it, and decide to FIND IT!
By doing that, no only will you change the planet, you will bring endless buckets of well-being into your own life. Guaranteed.

And so . . .
Open your own valve
no matter what, no matter what,
The rest will take care of itself.

We cannot be connected to well-being and flowing well-being, without HAVING well-being, because not one thing comes to us that does not match our vibration.

The bottom line is:
What we focus on is what we feel
What we feel is what we vibrate
What we vibrate is what we attract.Open Your Valve!

When enough of us on this precious piece of real estate begin to get even a small amount of our negative energy turned to positive flow, wars will stop, trees will grow, suicides will be a thing of the past, prejudice will evaporate, natural disasters will all but cease.
Like attracts like, that is the way it is.

Open valves connect us to our core energy, bringing well-being.
The more connected we are, the more well-being abounds.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Artwork from my D&D days

"Lady Moonlight"
watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper

I recently found a painting I did years ago when I was still with my ex-husband Evan. This was an illustration I did for a book he was writing at the time. The book was a fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons type book. The character was an elven sorceress named Lady Moonlight. I thought I share it. It's giving me some needed inspiration to get back into art and to remind myself that I actually do have some talent. ;-)