Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First recent commissioned portait

'Jack, Paula & Katie' 2008 - graphite pencil on Bristol paper

So after much contemplation, I decided that I wanted to get back to my artistic roots. Hell, I went to art school and got myself a BFA. I guess I should put some of my artistic talent to good use. After graduating years ago, I used to sell pencil portraits for a short time. This was before the age of the internet, networking, guerrilla marketing, etc. I was in my twenties pounding the pavement for work. Kids these days don't know how good they have it! but didn't our parents say that to us? ;-) So alas, because I had bills and needed to eat, my portrait business went on the back burner.

My recently commissioned portrait happened like this. I was discussing starting a pencil portrait business with one of my regular massage clients who I also advertise my massage business with. Surprisingly, she hired me on the spot to do a portrait of her family (see above). Keep in mind, this was without even seeing any of my work. She took it on faith and my word that I would do a good job. We discussed the cost, etc. and we were good to go. I was so happy she gave me this chance since this was my first paid portrait in years. I had a slow start but once my creative juices started to flow it just came naturally. I was very pleased with the way it turned out and so was she. She was shocked that the likenesses were so spot-on.

This gave me the confidence I needed to get this new business venture going. Now I just need to make more time to work on some sample portraits for my portfolio/brochure/website. I'm excited that I might actually be able to make money at something I love to do!

Note: the digital image above has some unusual darks & lights. Next time I'll have to scan the artwork to ensure it's better quality.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glad to be cooking again

Now that my hubby works decent hours I have decided to start cooking again. I'm having a blast! My last culinary success was Lobster Cakes made from left-over lobster from a dinner we had at my sister Jodi's. They came out awesome! My friend 'E' will be blogging about it soon!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fingers Crossed & Resolutions

My friend 'E' suggested I make two lists for 2009. Here ya go ...

Fingers Crossed-

1) That I'm able to conceive a happy, healthy little one by summer.
2) That my pencil portrait business will take off and bring in some good money flow.
3) That Jay's massage therapist job at the spa brings in the income he's hoping for.


1) Like every year...lose some weight and exercise (even if it's just walking!)
2) Count my blessings and be more content with my life.
3) Enjoy my friends and have more fun! (without the calories..lol)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still trying...au natural

Ok, so hubby Jay and I decided enough with the IUI's. It's expensive and really just a crap shoot. So we've deceided that we're gonna go back to trying the old fashioned way. Jay's count was down so I ask the doc what he could take to get those suckers up and running again. He mentioned a supplement so he's on those. As for me I'm taking an liquid herbal fertility supplement. It tastes like weeds but hey those Chinese folks have been taking herbs like these for centuries so what the heck! And of course 'nookie' every other day just to make sure we don't miss. It can be exhausting but it is fun! LOL

Anyway...my friend 'E' has predicted I'll be preggers in February...so cross your fingers!