Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st blog...woohoo!

Ok so now it seems I've joined most of the universe and I'm now blogging. I'm not much of a journaler (it's that a word?). I had a diary when i was a kid and wrote in it a few times. I'm a visual person not much of a writer but thought what the heck. There are plenty of horrible blogs out there mine couldn't be any worse..LOL. So with that...

As some of you might know I got married about a year and a half ago to my second hubby Jay. We're both 40ish and both never had kids. We consider our relationship a second chance at love and happiness. So now we're trying to start a family. We've tried for over a year now and now have had to go to the infertility doc for help. We're on our second cycle of IUI (aka. turkey baster Hopefully this round will work! The doc says I have one more year to try and then I'm on my own. We both KNOW it will happen! Just trying not to be too anxious and let things happen. So that's it for today...tomorrow I'll catch you up with my new portrait biz.

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