Friday, January 9, 2009

Fingers Crossed & Resolutions

My friend 'E' suggested I make two lists for 2009. Here ya go ...

Fingers Crossed-

1) That I'm able to conceive a happy, healthy little one by summer.
2) That my pencil portrait business will take off and bring in some good money flow.
3) That Jay's massage therapist job at the spa brings in the income he's hoping for.


1) Like every year...lose some weight and exercise (even if it's just walking!)
2) Count my blessings and be more content with my life.
3) Enjoy my friends and have more fun! (without the


Chef E said...

Yeah, you got on here, and thanks for the compliment on the 'cup cakes', they were good that is why I brought them to you, so I would not eat them all, lol

I am with ya, low calorie socializing, and a baby machine...

Ricardo said...

Lovely resolutions hope you can follow them. :D